Aeromedical Assessments



During regular business hours. Mondays and Fridays. 


Available every 2nd or 3rd Saturday. See ‘Book Now’ for appointment availability.

Before your appointment

Step 1. Log into the CASA Medical Records System.

Step 2. Complete the online questionnaire.

Step 3. Answer ALL questions on the questionnaire.

Step 4. Pay the CASA processing fee.

Step 5. Then, submit your completed questionnaire by pressing the ‘Submit’ button.


With your ARN, I will review your CASA Medical record. From this, I can identify any tests that may be required. ECGs and audiometry are done in-house. I can provide you with request forms prior to your appointment with me for blood tests if required. This make your assessment as easy and efficient as possible.


It may be useful to take a look at the CASA medical webpage for pilots and ATCs.

At the Appointment

Your appointment will last about 45-60 minutes. During that time, any in-house testing will be done. Such tests can include an ECG, Audiometry and a urine test. 


Women may find it easier to wear a sports bra for the ECG. Shorts or a skirt will make it easier to examine and test your leg strength and reflexes. You may wish to avoid caffeine before your assessment as it may increase your blood pressure and heart rate. 

You need to bring:

  • Photo Identification e.g. drivers licence or passport
  • Your glasses and contact lenses and your spare set you take to work.
  • Any pathology results or test results from the last 3 months – results from the last 3 months can be used for your CASA Aeromedical.


I take an all inclusive approach to your health assessment. That is, one charge will cover all that I do. No hidden charges. It includes reviewing your file before I see you and sending you request forms and referrals for any tests that may be required for your health assessment. It also includes helping you to resolve medical issues with CASA if needed.

  • Class 1, 2, 3 – $290 incl GST ‘all inclusive’ of ECG and Audiometry.
  • Class 1, 2, 3 – $250 incl GST. Without ECG/Audiometry.
  • Does not include the cost of pathology testing as price subject to external providers.

Book your Assessment

Please send me a message and include your name and CASA ARN.

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Please send me a message and include your name and CASA ARN.

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